“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

We embrace sustainable practices and environmentally aware initiatives where ever possible and we are committed to protecting our local wildlife and their habitats, as well as preserving the rich cultural heritage of Victoria Falls. Our pledge towards a sustainable footprint includes energy saving using solar power and hydroelectricity, sustainable borehole water sourcing, waste reduction and an extensive recycling programme.

Environment and Habitat Preservation

During the construction of the Palm River hotel, over 150 indigenous trees and shrubs were identified and protected. The care taken to preserve the indigenous trees now allows wildlife and guests alike to enjoy the cooling shelter of dappled shade and natural habitats that pepper our lush gardens.

Preservation of our indigenous flora

The Palm Vegetable Plantation Sustainably Sourced Food

As our latest endeavour towards better sustainability and a self-sufficient food chain supply, we have developed an on-site vegetable production plantation, consisting of a series of onsite greenhouses and herb troughs. We are blessed with rich soils in Victoria Falls. that have been nourished by the waters of the Zambezi River, in addition to the supply of a consistent water source and a warm, sunny climate. Together, these factors enable an idyllic location in which to establish a productive on-site vegetable plantation.

Fertilized using our organic compost also produced on-site, the vegetable plantation enables the production of home-grown vegetables, herbs, and spices, for use as a fresh, consistent, and self-sufficient supply in our restaurant.

Energy and Water Conservation

The hotel is powered by a unique hybrid system combining hydroelectricity with solar power. There is an allowance for the addition of an onsite solar farm to cater for the hotel’s power needs – ensuring that the Palm River Hotel is truly a green entity.

Guests may utilise the hotel’s water refill stations, by asking a staff member to refill their reusable bottles using the Natura Water Purification System free of charge. The natural still or sparkling water is served in reusable and sealed glass bottles to help minimise use of single-use plastic.
To further reduce wastage, the hotel also encourages guests to choose to re-use bath towels where possible, and to place towels on the floor only when refreshing is required. This optional initiative endeavours to minimise water wastage through daily laundry of towels.

Waste Reduction

Where possible, we endeavour to reuse the amount of single-use plastic, plastic bottles and aluminium cans used throughout. Our Natural Water Purification System supplies safe and clean drinking water in re-fillable glass bottles. Our diverse recycling initiatives ensure plastics, aluminium and paper are sorted into correct waste and passed on to the Victoria Falls Recycling Project for processing and re-use.

Recycling and waste reduction is also an important consideration beyond the Palm River Hotel. We are often asked to provide packed lunches for guests’ onward travel, and when doing so, we ensure these requirements are met with biodegradable and recyclable packaging and cutlery.


The PHG Foundation was formed in 2022, combining years of successfully completed community projects by Ilala Lodge Hotel together with the like-minded and dynamic employees of the Palm River Hotel. The PHG Foundation forms a passionate committee endeavouring to bring about meaningful and practical solutions to aid the local community of Victoria Falls.

The PHG Foundation has completed multiple community and responsible tourism projects covering environmental preservation, recycling, community support, wildlife protection, local fundraisers and numerous other initiatives that aid the community and preserve the rich cultural heritage of Victoria Falls.

Humanitarian Support

The PHG Foundation works with a number of community projects and non-government organisations that provide support and care within Victoria Falls town. These often include ground assistance, sponsorship, donations to local schools, pensioner’s homes and the Maternity and Paediatric Art & Play therapy ward at Victoria Falls Hospital.

Wildlife Conservation

PHG Foundation supports the Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit (VFAPU) – a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of local wildlife and natural resources in Victoria Falls. VFAPU tries to protect wildlife and habitats from poacher pressure (subsistence and commercial), rescues and rehabilitates animals injured by human interference and educates schools and communities on human and animal conflict. The PHG Foundation makes monthly donations towards the organisation as well as supports in major fundraiser events, such as annual golf days. Money raised goes directly to the Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Units, dedicated to the pertinent conservation of wildlife within Victoria Falls.

Sustainable Waste Management Initiative

Among many achievements, the PHG Foundation proudly introduced a sustainable waste management initiative, presented to the Greenline Africa Trust and the Victoria Falls Recycling Project. This community initiative is made up of various events and projects that endeavour to better the future of green development within Victoria Falls.

Environmental Preservation

Every first Friday of the month, our staff take to the local town streets, carparks and public areas as part of a community clean up. The teams collect litter and sweep these areas in a bid to maintain and preserve the wonderful tourist town of Victoria Falls.

With care for our wonderful natural habitats, we take great pride in ensuring our surrounding national park is free from harmful litter. Not only does this aesthetically spoil our natural surroundings, but litter can also be exceptionally harmful to the wildlife and birdlife that roam Victoria Falls. As part of our community involvement, we have installed over 20 steel litter bins throughout the town and within the pathways along the Victoria Falls Rainforest walk. The bins enable a safe place for guests to discard of litter, while also deterring baboons and monkeys from foraging and tipping out items from the previous plastic bins.

How You Can Support the PHG Foundation

Contact us to find out how you can support the Palm Hospitality Group Foundation and aid the continued conservation efforts and endeavours that directly benefit our local community.