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Top 5 Instagrammable Spots at Palm River Hotel

On vacation, they say you only regret the pictures you didn’t take – no matter how ‘touristy’ you feel posing for the umpteenth sunset shot with a grumbling spouse (or teenager) beside you. One day, the photographs you took will be cherished memories, inspiring warm smiles and yes, a bit of nostalgia.

We believe in embracing vacation pictures, especially when your surroundings are as beautiful as ours are!

Of course, the idea isn’t to spend all day taking pictures, but with these helpful location tips, you’ll be able to capture beautiful memories in record time before getting back to what’s important on your Victoria Falls holiday – relaxing in the embrace of our world-class amenities and soaking up the wonder of the natural world around you.

Read on for our top 5 Instagrammable spots at Palm River Hotel!

1. Victoria Falls Bridge

Did you know that Palm River Hotel has its very own Victoria Falls Bridge?

Built as a replica of the engineering marvel spanning the gorge between Zimbabwe and Zambia, this is just one of the many architectural marvels awaiting you at our hotel.

It also makes the perfect backdrop for a solo shot or a candid family portrait!

To read more about our hotel’s modern, timeless design, click here.

2. The Restaurant Verandah

The Palm River Hotel Restaurant leads out onto a verandah that overlooks lawns sprawling down to the banks of the Zambezi River.

This sets the perfect scene for a romantic picture with your other half – just look at that background.

3. Poolside Bliss

Image Credit: Instagram |

The crystal clear waters of our swimming pool are the perfect place to capture the ultimate Victoria Falls holiday shot.

Overlooking the Zambezi River, with the occasional herd of ellies passing by, this set-up captures quintessential African luxury at its finest.

(Not to mention, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to inspire a bit of envy among our followers, would it?)

4. Outdoor Bar

Need we say more?

Order your favourite cocktail and toast to the end of an exhilarating day of adventures in Victoria Falls!

As the sun sets, the sky lights up in hues of pink and gold which, in turn, reflect on the surface of the river. Palm River Hotel is 4 km upstream from Victoria Falls, offering our guests a unique experience of the world-famous waterfall.

Just think: In a few minutes, the water passing by the hotel will be crashing down the thunderous drop that is Victoria Falls.

With the tree canopy as your ‘roof,’ take it all in and why not snap a selfie to commemorate the happy moment?

5. Garden Swing

Swinging in the garden is encouraged at every age.

Embrace the frivolous joy of swinging beneath a canopy of trees overlooking the Zambezi River – it’s an instant mood-lifter and will leave you feeling lighter than you have in years.

Take a picture to remember this carefree moment by.

Bonus: Ra-Ikane River Cruise

Image Credits: Instagram | @lifeintrips

No Victoria Falls holiday is complete without spending some time on the Zambezi River.

This will also be the location where you take your crowning holiday photograph – capturing old world luxury, the spray of the Falls and a magical golden sunset all in one shot!

Launching from the jetty directly in front of our hotel, you can decide whether you’d like to enjoy this unforgettable experience over breakfast, lunch or sunset.

Discover more about Ra-Ikane Cruises and other available activities here.

Zambezi Getaway

Join us for an unforgettable stay on the banks of the Zambezi River.

To book your dates at The Palm River Hotel, contact us directly at or make use of our online booking platform.

We look forward to welcoming you to your picture perfect Victoria Falls holiday!

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