By Palm River Hotel on 21 September 2023

New Innovative WhatsApp Concierge Service

The Palm River Hotel is taking guest services to the next level with the introduction of an in-house WhatsApp-based concierge. This new digital concierge provides guests with prompt assistance, personalised recommendations, convenient booking of local attractions, timesaving information, and custom itineraries – all through the convenience of WhatsApp messaging.

One of the key benefits of this new concierge service is the ability for guests to get immediate assistance between 8am and 5pm daily. Whether they have a question about their room, need a restaurant recommendation, or want to make a reservation for a local activity, guests can send a WhatsApp message and receive a quick response from the hotel’s concierge staff. This handy service ensures guests get the information they need promptly, enhancing their overall stay.

The set-up procedure takes less than a minute. Upon check in, guests are issued a QR scan code in which to connect to the service directly to WhatsApp on their mobile phone or preferred digital device. Once connected the WhatsApp service chat can be opened and is ready to use.

Booking local attractions is also a breeze with the new WhatsApp concierge. Guests simply need to inquire about a particular activity or event, and the concierge will offer more information and make reservations for guests right on the spot. This offers quick and stress-free bookings for local attractions for in-house guests.

In addition to prompt replies, our WhatsApp concierge also provides tailored recommendations based on guest preferences. For example, if a guest indicates they would like to experience some local cultural cuisine, the concierge can suggest top-rated local restaurants and make the reservation for each guest. By personalizing recommendations, we ensure each guest feels special and catered to.

The service also reminds guests about notable hotel information during their stay, often this includes exciting wildlife sightings within the hotel’s lush gardens, where to enjoy the hotel’s complimentary afternoon tea, as well as other insightful information and reminders.

The WhatsApp-based concierge allows our guests to maximize their time through quick access to all the information and services they need. By embracing this innovative technology, we continue to lead the way in providing exceptional guest experiences. Of course, our friendly reception and face-to-face concierge is always available for those guests who prefer to utilise this service.

The WhatsApp Concierge service is also available at our sister property, Ilala Lodge Hotel – offering bespoke guest relations suited to the modern and technology-friendly preferences of valued guests.

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