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Adrenaline Activities in Victoria Falls

This one is for the real thrill-seekers!

Come face-to-face with the raw power of Mother Nature in Victoria Falls and tap into the rush of overcoming your fears while participating in one of this region’s many adrenaline activities.

Set against the backdrop of one of the world’s mightiest waterfalls, the spirit of adventure is alive and well along the Zambezi – as you’ll soon see!

Read on to discover all the heart-pounding Victoria Falls activities on offer near The Palm River Hotel.

Are You Ready?

Bungee Jumping

Image Credit: Instagram | corneliakkarlsson

Let’s get right into it with the most famous adrenaline activity in Victoria Falls: Bungee jumping.

While this might not be the world’s highest bungee, many have dubbed it one of the best! Who’s to argue, with the crash of the Falls ringing in your ears and the epic beauty of Zimbabwe’s natural spaces surrounding you?

This bungee involves a 111m leap off the Victoria Falls Bridge, where you’ll plunge head-first towards the Zambezi River below. (Don’t worry – your plummet will be halted by the cord, but those moments of free-fall can leave you breathless!)

If the prospect of this activity makes you nervous, you’re not alone. Many describe knocking knees and numb gums before they take the jump!

However, if you do face down your fears, the adrenaline rush afterward will have you floating on Cloud 9 for hours.

More High Wire Activities

Along with the bungee jump, there are a host of other high-wire activities on offer.

These include:

If you’d like to go completely wild and take multiple leaps from multiple high places, you can purchase a High Wire Pass. This enables you to do the Zipline, Gorge Swing, and Flying Fox for a combined and reduced price.

Please note: All bridge-related activities require a passport as the bridge not only spans the Zambezi River, but marks the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, too. Look at you, seeking thrills and swinging between countries!

White Water Rafting

Image Credits: Instagram | bunduadventures

According to, the Zambezi River offers “The Best One Day White Water Rafting Trip in the World.”

If you’re wondering what to expect from your day of facing off with the mighty rapids below the Falls, consider their names: Stairway to Heaven, The Terminator, The Washing Machine, Oblivion, Judgement Day and Devil’s Toilet Bowl! (Excuse us, what?)

There are a number of highly professional operators that take guests out on the rapids during season. (Normally from August to December, depending on the rains.)

Most collect you from your hotel and transport you to the starting point below the Falls. You’ll receive a safety talk beforehand and be issued with your gear before setting off for the ride of a lifetime.

Side note: White water rafting is considered the “original” adventure activity in Victoria Falls as operators have been here from as early as the 1980s!


Devil's Pool

Image Credit: Instagram | tina_bader_

We’d probably classify this as more of an “exhilarating” activity, as opposed to an adrenaline activity, but nobody can deny the sheer rush of swimming in a pool right on the edge of Victoria Falls.

Normally, a swim in Devil’s Pool takes place as part of a longer tour that also includes exploring Livingstone Island.

The pool is only safe for swimming during short windows of the year (when the water level is low), so please chat to our Activities Desk about this one first. It’s important to go with the right guide at the right time to ensure your safety.

That said, you’ll never forget this experience for as long as you live – pure magic.

Please note: This tour takes place in Zambia, a short distance away via the Victoria Falls Bridge. Allow us to organise this trip on your behalf via the Activities Desk.

Bookings & Prices

Click here to view all Victoria Falls activities and get an idea of pricing. The Palm River Hotel offers a complimentary shuttle services to and from Victoria Falls town.

Come and chat to us and we’d be happy to help you book and arrange transport to and from any of the items on your itinerary.

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Your thrill-seeking vacation to Victoria Falls awaits!

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